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Yu Yu Hakusho; Hiei/Kurama; Dance Little Jean ~ Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Author: Nataku
Title: Marriage and Vows
Rating: G
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: Hiei/Kurama
Song/Artist: Dance Little Jean ~ Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Song number: #3
Disclaimer: I am a near penniless new found Oregonian and I don't own anything, not song nor series. Sorry. If I did there would be some major changes, including, but not limited to, Kuwabara's hair.

It was a gorgeous winter day, a wonderful, if not a little unorthodox day for a wedding. Hiei stood at the far side of the atrium, watching as his sister said her vows and bound herself eternally to that orange haired oaf she was so fond of, and brooding the entire time. The formal ceremony lasted only fifteen minutes, giving way quickly to the celebration and mingling, though Hiei never moved. Kurama wasted no time finding him after congratulating the newly weds on their matrimony, much to the fire demon's displeasure.

“Hiei,” Kurama greeted, leaning back on the wall beside him. “Aren't you at least going to congratulate her?”

“Hn.” Hiei replied, ignoring him.

“Yukina would love it if you would just talk to her,” Kurama continued, “ You wouldn't need to tell her and it wouldn't be suspicious of you. It's rather expected.”

“Leave it, Kurama,” the shorter demon growled.

“Hiei, what's wrong?” the red head asked as he turned to face his lover. Anticipating the coming statement he continued. “Don't brush me off, Hiei, you've been acting more sullen than normal all day. Tell me what's wrong, please.”

Hiei remained silent for a long moment, then turned to face the fox. “I don't see the purpose of this,” he said.


“The wedding,” he clarified exasperatedly. “What's the point? The words and papers mean nothing, Yukina should know that. Why bother with it.”

Kurama smiled and pulled the fire demon close despite his protests. “Hiei, it's not about the marriage certificate or the vows,” he chuckled softly into Hiei's hair, “Those are just technicalities.” He pulled back to look at Hiei, though just by the way he held himself the fox knew he didn't understand. He thought for a second before rephrasing. “Weddings only let the world know you love each other. Other than that, it's no different then us.”

Hiei's head shot up and the slightest quirk of his eyebrow clearly told Kurama he was confused. Again he back tracked and started over.

“If I were to die, you would be sad, wouldn't you?” The accusing look in his red eyes spoke for itself. “When you're in trouble you know you can always come to me and I will do everything I can to help. Marriage just lets the rest of the world know that the two involved are always going to do just that for each other. It also proves, in a way, to the rest of the world that they will never willingly leave one another. It really is more for the rest of your family more than it is for those getting married.”

Hiei was quiet for a moment as he thought about this. The whole thing had seemed so pointless to him, because if the two loved each other then their bond would be comfort enough. But if it were all just to swear to the families that they would always be true, then... He grinned as he realized that meant him. Kuwabara, though he had not known it, had sworn to him on all that he held dear that his sister would always be safe, always be loved.

Kurama had waited while Hiei mulled through what he had told him and he knew the moment the idea clicked within his mind. He was grinning softly when Hiei tilted his head up to look him in the eyes.

“Hn,” was all he said, but that didn't matter to the red head. He knew full well what Hiei meant, and it made him happy to see the smaller demon accepting both the human ritual and Kuwabara at last.

“Now go congratulate your sister,” he told him, moving back to let Hiei do so. This time, Hiei left, and when Kurama turned to look, he was at his sister's side. Judging by the tears in her eyes as she hugged him tight, he was fairly sure of what he had finally told her and he grinned. It was really shaping up to be the most perfect day in Yukina's long life.
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