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Yu Yu Hakusho; Hiei/Kurama; Turning Japanese ~ No Idea

Author: Nataku
Title: Baths
Rating: G
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: Hiei/Kurama
Song/Artist: Turning Japanese ~ ??
Song number: #4
Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Not any of it. Woe is me. So don't sue.

“Hiei, you're filthy!”

The fire demon looked up at the red head and grunted as he pulled off his boot, dropping it beside its partner beneath the window. Dirt was smudged over the bridge of his nose and his clothes were caked in mud, which flaked off onto the floor whenever he moved, and sometimes when he did not. Kurama tried valiantly not to laugh at his friend despite the way the dark lines of filth outlined his perfect nose, making him look young and almost innocent if not for the scathing glare. Hiei simply ignored him, moving towards the bed to lay down.


“Oh no you don't,” the fox demon exclaimed, catching the smaller demon's arm and preventing him from sullying his pristine crimson sheets with dried mud he would later have to shake out of every fold just so he wouldn't wake up with soil in his mouth, hair, and places he'd rather not think about. Hiei growled at him in warning and tried to yank his arm away but Kurama simply ignored him. “Bath. Now”

With a huff Hiei pulled his arm out of Kurama's grip and stomped off toward the shower.

“No,” Kurama called out, pointing to a door down the hallway, barely visible in the doorway from where they stood. “There.”

Hiei had never really noticed it before. It was just a plain white door snuggled into the wall, one which Hiei had always written off as a closet. He berated himself for not having thoroughly checked the house enough to know what every room was, but he gave it little thought beyond his initial discomfort. Kurama was not the type to harbor traps for his friends and he doubted he had anything to worry about, but it was the principle of the thing. He continued to brood on this as Kurama herded him out of the room and towards the mystery door. When the red head reached passed his shoulder from behind and pushed the door open he was both shocked and disappointed.

“Kurama, what is this?” he asked as he looked around the small wooden room he was ushered into. He turned to see his friend undressing casually by a hamper and tossing his clothes in.

“It's a dressing room,” he answered. “take your clothes and put them in the hamper over here.”

Hiei grunted, but complied nonetheless. Then he had finished he turned to his friend again as he slid open a divider on the far wall.

“It's a traditional Japanese bath,” Kurama explained. Hiei entered the room and the fox followed. “You scrub down over there first,” he said, pointing to a shower-like fixture on the wall with a stool and bucket beneath it. “And then you soak in the tub. A shower would have worked, but I had already drawn up a bath for myself and I saw no reason to waste more hot water. Now sit. I'll scrub your back.”

Hiei grudgingly complied. He tensed a little as he felt a warm washcloth land on his back and soap suds start to trail down his spine, but eased as Kurama's red forelocks came into view, brushing over his shoulders as the taller demon moved to his knees behind the fire demon. Gentle hands began kneading the tension from his shoulders while working the cloth over him, cleaning away sweat and muck and making him feel immensely better, though he would never say so. The red head worked on his back for some time before handing him a clean washrag to take care of his face and chest. Hiei took it willingly and started to clean his front while Kurama filled the bucket from a tap near the floor under the shower head. When Hiei had stopped soaping himself up, Kurama handed him the bucket.

“Dump it over your head to rinse off the soap,” he explained, and the smaller demon nodded curtly before complying. Kurama chuckled as he shook his head to dislodge the water in his hair then pointed to the large tub set against the far corner. “Get in. I'll be with you as soon as I finish washing up myself.”

Hiei eyed it for a second before nodding curtly and climbing in. It seemed inviting enough and he was too relaxed to argue. He almost sighed with the heavenly feel of the water enveloping him. Almost scalding. Perfect. He looked across the small room and watched Kurama as he quickly lathered up and rinsed off, noticing that he grabbed a large hair clip and pinned his hair up before coming over to the tub and sliding in with a deep moan of content. Hiei grinned minutely, secure in the fact Kurama's eyes were completely closed in bliss. After a moment of silent relaxation, Kurama spoke, though his tone was hushed and slightly slurred.

“How do you like the bath, Hiei?” he asked.

Hiei grunted positively, a feat only he could accomplish. Kurama grinned, but kept his eyes closed.

“Why so elaborate, Kurama?”

“Indulgence,” the fox replied with a sigh, “It's divine, isn't it?”

“Hn,” Hiei acknowledged. "We should do this more often. I like it better than normal showers." Kurama smiled softly to himself.

“I think so too,” he murmured. “I think so too.”
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