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20 songs: character and couple claiming challenge
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20 Songs is a writing/art challenge community. It is for aspiring writers, artists, fanfic authors, fanartists, or people who just like to let their ideas flow.

Welcome all!

1. Request your character or couple at this post. You may claim a single character or a couple, but not both at once. However, if you claim a couple and would like to do a mixture of romantic works and works dedicated to one of the characters at a time, this is fine. This is entirely up to you. You may claim a character or couple from any fandom. You may also use original characters!

**On repeat claims: If someone has claimed a couple you had your eye on, you may claim ONE character from that couple, if you like. If you're dead-set on claiming the couple, you must wait until the first person either finishes or gives up (or is terminated because of inactivity).

If you claim a couple that has already been completed/dropped/etc., you CANNOT repeat any of that person's songs. No matter how well they fit. Sorry. :(

2. Write drabbles, chapter stories, anything you want really, as long as it follows the theme of a song, whether it be melody, lyrics, or just anything that strikes you about said song. Art with lyrics stuck in or based on a song is also widely encouraged!
3. 20 works are required to complete the challenge. See how many different musical genres you can use to associate with your claimed character(s).

1. Your work must be your own. Don't steal people's work.
2. Try to post at least once every three months. What fun is a challenge if you're not even trying?
3. If someone wants your character/couple, and you don't update for over three months (I will give an extra day or two), I may be forced to purge your character/couple and let someone else claim it. So be prepared for that!
4. All posts must follow this format:

Subject line:
Fandom, Character/couple, Song - Artist/Composer

Author/Artist of work:
Title of work:
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 are all encouraged, as long as it is properly marked.)
Song and Artist/Composer:
Song Number: (this marks how far you are in progress of your challenge. If this is your first work posted, it is song #1, if it is your second, it is song #2, etc.)
Disclaimer: *Note: You must include this! Disclaim both the song and the fandom. If you are using original characters, it would be wise to include a "claimer" saying that the characters are yours. Same goes if you are using a song you wrote yourself.*

Sample post
Subject Line: Deathnote, Mello/Near, I Hate Everything About You by Three Day's Grace

Author/Artist of work: Pink
Title of work: Hate
Rating: PG
Fandom: Deathnote
Character/couple: Mello/Near
Song and Artist/Composer: I Hate Everything About You by Three Day's Grace
Song Number: #1
Disclaimer: I don't own Deathnote, or the song!

And then here goes your work under an LJ-cut if necessary. :)

5. If you give up and would like to drop a couple or character so that someone else may claim them, do so at this post.
6. When you finish, meaning you have 20 song-based works posted to the community, comment at this post. There may be a prize!
7. As far as posting goes, ONLY post your art and writing. If the need arises to contact the mod about something else, or post about something else, do so in a comment, or contact me in the following ways:

LJ: merirustryfe
AIM: YuffieKisaragiM
YIM: Jiyunanohana
E-mail: SSaturn655@aol.com

8. Any posts that include large images or large blocks of text, please use an LJ-cut. If you are unsure how to do this, check the LJ FAQ page.
9. Try to give feedback to other people's work! This is a chance for you to show off, but it's also a gathering of people who like to look at other people's work (myself included!).
10. You MUST join the community in order to post. But anyone can join, so join away, whether to see other people's work or to show off your own. However, you MUST claim and be approved before posting your own work.
11. ANY song may be used. Just be aware that if your work has strong language in it due to the song's lyrics, you must put up a higher rating.

Have fun!

Note: If anyone has graphic-making experience, please help me. =;_;= *points to sad banner above* A musical layout would also be nice.

(in alphabetical order by fandom):

Batman Beyond
Terry McGinnis/Maxine Gibson by neonails45

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen/Basil of Baker Street (The Cat Returns/The Great Mouse Detective) by clapclapbow

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Freddy Benson/Christine Colgate by spinelsoft_inc

Daisuke/Takeru by chalada

The Emperor's New School
Kuzco and Malina by faded_fae

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Strife by lallipop

Final Fantasy VIII
Squall Leonhart by wolfchildblazer

Kitazawa Yuki/Seguchi Tohma by animalboything

Harry Potter
Sirius Black by randomisedhabit
Harry Potter and Hermione Granger by gyrffindor_lg

Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron/Cindy Vortex by soulspiritdebv COMPLETED!
Cindy Vortex by princessbobesca

Kingdom Hearts
Riku/Sora by spider_hobbit07

Lucy/Beatrice by sabrina_says
Lokii Irekei/Niah Spaidar by emelyfiction
Mano Jeanette by lizas_lines
Luin/Damien by atomichyperwave

Mark Cohen/Roger Davis by afavoritemelody
Roger Davis by burn_to_emerge

Yu Gi Oh GX
Johan/Juudai by merirustryfe

Yu Yu Hakusho
Hiei/Kurama by angelofmordor